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Teacher preparation and ongoing professional development is essential to ensure high-quality instruction and positive outcomes toward student achievement. As the education field transitions from the disruptions created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we can work with you to customize training to support your teachers’ transition in reimagining their classroom goals.

Looking for ways to improve the quality of classroom instruction aimed at enhancing teaching practices and preparing students from pre-k through third grade for academic success? Dr. Crouch offers consulting services that impact teacher effectiveness in early childhood education, childcare programs, and kindergarten through third grade. Our services extend to Head Start and childcare programs, school district administrators and principals, education policymakers and researchers who are looking for ways to improve professional development opportunities for the early childhood education workforce.

Our approach focuses on strategies that are evidence-based in early literacy instruction, classroom management, and continuity and coordination between childcare, preschool and kindergarten through third grade (K-3). Our services include practice-based coaching, professional development, classroom management and data analytics aimed at understanding how classroom data can improve teaching practices and classroom management.

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